Design for playful &
curious brands.
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I create clear and bold communication that makes sense and gets noticed. I have a passion for brand identities and print but can apply to any set of project problems and solutions with the aim of creating comprehensive and distinctive design work for the client.

Though I have years of experience I stay curious and I have a playful approach to design.

Stuff I have a passion for.
Brand identity

I've done branding for big and small, for the last +10 years

Whether it's tackling BIG data issues or coffee shop illustrations, I can do them all

Making complex things charts clear and playful is something I master

Old-school layout in InDesign and making communication clear and visual is very close to my heart
Concept development

I've done concepts on a corporate level and for independent shops

digital design, some etc.
The  journey from print, to Social Media, to film, platforms is very important to me and for a brand in general.